Tobacco Store

Petoskey, MI

Are you looking for a top quality smoke shop in the Petoskey area that sells hookah and hookah related products? Are you trying to find a good hookah vendor that won't overcharge you and is fairly pleasant to be around? Would you love to be able to drive just a little ways down the road from your house and find a fantastic tobacco and hookah shop that will sell you all the hookah related products you need at a price that your wallet can agree with? Well you are in luck, because just a hop skip and a jump away over in Gaylord, is a place called Wild Wild West Tobacco, and we are the number one tobacco and hookah store in the area!

You see, here at Wild Wild West Tobacco, we pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service day in and day out. We are known for much more than selling hookah, we are known for having an exceptional staff that can bring just as much fun and pleasantry to the table as they can fantastic products at bargain prices. Our staff members know that having phenomenal customer care and attentiveness is one of our top priorities, and they are fabulous enough to be able to deliver on that standard with stunningly consistent regularity. We treat you like a family member when you come into Wild Wild West Tobacco, and that is because you are. That is part of what makes our customer service so great, we genuinely care for each of our customers, and we will do whatever we can do give them what they need.

So if you are looking for a great place to buy hookah, then you have certainly found it. Come down to Wild Wild West Tobacco and we will get you all hooked up in no time at all!